The Wig Design Room

Wigs vs. Toppers

Do I Need A Wig Or A Topper?
Which One Is Right For Me?


When you come to me for your hairloss issue you will likely have no idea what you need where it be a wig or a topper.

I always have to see how much hairloss is going on to be able to consider which one will work best for you.

A wig is a definite yes for full head hairloss and also hairloss that is very patchy and is continuinly loosing more hair.

Don’t worry about wearing a wig as my wigs are extra light, breathable and 100% Natural in every way. My clients always tell me that no-one can tell they are wearing a wig.

Wig Caps

Lace Top

The Lace top cap is a very popular choice for the 100% realistic scalp and hairline.

My Lace tops have luxury Swiss lace that melts into your skin colour and the hairs literally look like they are coming from your scalp.

I recommend the added silk to give even more realism to the parting (ask when ordering about getting this added.)

A silk lining can also be added to the lace top cap as well as a velvet covering for ear tabs and nape of neck. All clips can also be removed for Alopecia Universalis clients for ultimate comfort.

Medical Dream Comfort Cap

This cap is espessially made with full alopecia universalis clients in mind for maximumcomfort.

This cap is silk top and lace front with a soft t-shirt material inside the cap on top and softsilicone ear tabs aswell as 100% breathable ventilated back and sides with no combs orclips inside.

Silk Top

The Silk Top cap has a silk lining to give maximum reality to the part area.

The part like the lace top can be made either in the middle or either side. Unlike the lace top the hairline is not natural and is more fitted.

A velvet piece can be added for more comfort.


A Topper is great if you have thinning hair but still have enough hair to clip a topper onto the top of your head. They come in various base sizes and a few different styles.

3 x 5 inch Full silk base – lengths 12-20 inch
This is great for top thinning and adds just a small amount to the sides but isn”t going to give any length as the amount of hair isnt enough to support the length in the base.

7 x 7 or 8 x 8 Silk/weft base – lengths 14-26 inch
This base is great for top thinning and hair that is also weak on the sides and length , it gives all round coverage aswell as you can go as long as you want as it has enough hair in the base to support the length. Again my toppers are flat on top and non bulky in a completely natural thickness/density.

Again like my wigs the black , dark brown and medium brown toppers are all 100% Virgin Premium Human Hair. I have many colour variations with my toppers just like my wigs so flip me a photo of your idea with your enquiry or bring ideas to your consultation.

Book a consultation today and lets see what suits you best !!