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Maybe this is you

  • Maybe your hair is thinning
  • Losing hair in patches
  • A wig wearer already and you’re looking for a more personal design with Premium human hair and a comfortable cap that fits well
  • Your hair is fine and needs a little more thickness and length (toppers)
  • You are having treatment that may cause you temporary hair loss

Hey! I’m Bev

My name is Bev and I love helping my clients to get a personalised wig or topper that it perfect for them. My wigs are 100% natural and in no way look like wigs, you can read my reviews to hear from my past clients there is no better way to choose The Wig Design Room.

I can also cut and style your wig to suit you as I’m a hairdresser which helps a lot in this business. Why not book a one on one consultation or a video chat with me today to start the ball rolling and lets go from there?

This is a top question and one that depends on you and how you care
for your wig (see care instructions) The hair is of superior quality so it
will last a number of years with proper care and love.
The main way to age your wig or topper is with constant heat appliances
and vigorous combing.

A Topper is great if you have thinning hair but still have enough hair
to clip a topper onto the top of your head.

Learn more about Toppers here

Yes! All of my wigs are sleek non bulky and come in a natural density and in no way
look ‘wiggy’.

Yes it can be, I am a Ministry of Health approved Wig supplier and I can help you apply for the subsidy. Learn more about wig subsidy here.

Happy clients

“I have my confidence back…”

“Beverley, I can not thank you enough- your wigs are a true game changer for me. The fit so comfortable, the hair is a soft and of great quality and you were able to offer me the length, colour and style I was after.

You made the whole experience light hearted, enjoyable and answered my many, many questions. I have my confidence back- thank you!

Highly recommend- you WILL NOT REGRET IT!”

“Bev was kind, relaxing and helpful…”

“I felt ashamed at having lost so much hair, which is silly but that’s how it felt. When I finally contacted Bev she was so kind, relaxing and helpful that the experience of gaining a new head of hair was truly pleasurable. I was so impressed by her skill in dealing the health authority, the speed at which the process moved and her positivity.

Thank you so much!”

“She made all my fear disappear…”

I was so apprehensive about getting a wig. I would google and then exit the page. That was until I came across The Wig Design Room, and met with Bev in her studio. She is the kindest, most gentle and caring person you’ll ever meet. She made all my fear disappear, and really listened to my needs and wants. Bev absolutely went above and beyond, and made me feel comfortable the whole way through. It takes a certain type of person to be in this industry, and you can’t be in safer hands than with Bev.

I highly recommend visiting her.”

What to expect at the consultation

  • One hour one-on-one chat to discuss your own personal needs
  • Accurate head measurements taken (bring a soft tape to the video chat)
  • Wig and Topper try ons
  • Sample caps and bases to touch and feel
  • A plan and vision to move forward
  • Initial investment $50 for your consultation

I have many happy clients over the years and my wigs and toppers have helped them regain so much confidence now its your turn.

Our consultation can either be at our studio in Wellington, New Zealand or over video chat.