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About me

How it all started

My background is 30 years in the hairdressing industry.

I trained and worked in the World famous Vidal Sassoon in UK as a precision haircutter. I then travelled the world on board luxury liners with my craft aswell as 8 years in the Greek island of Rhodes as a Bridal Hairstylist.

Hair has always been my love and passion. I arrived in Wellington 10 years ago and worked at a top salon in Wellington and that is where I first got my light bulb moment. A regular client of mine was going through chemotherapy and had lost her hair, she brought me a wig she had purchased and asked me to make it look good!

It wasn’t possible the hair was weak, dry and the cap was much too big and was made of an itchy material . When I attemped to use heat on it I melted it. It was 50% human only with a premium pricetag. I was shocked and mortified for her and then and there I started my mission on how to put the perfect wig together.

My journey took me 4 years in all to get the best premium human hair, comfortable caps that fit, natural looking wigs that no one can tell otherwise. I know now that if a hairdresser of 3o years can take that long to get all the components right how can any of my clients get it right first time. I’ve had many many happy clients over the years and I’m forever growing and keeping up to date with every new wig or cap idea available.

My passion is just getting stronger and stronger and meeting such awesome women along the way makes it so amazing …

I’m here to make sure that every detail that goes into your wig or topper is personal to you and makes you feel confident and beautiful.

Bev x

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