Terms & Conditions

In the rare case that you would like to return your piece

All returns must be made within 24 hours of the date and time the wig was delivered by the courier tracking details.

Please contact me as soon as you have any concern as soon as you open the wig and don’t cut the lace and wear it for a few days as there will be no chance of any refund in this instance.

Maybe its a simple case that you dont like the part or would like some curtain bangs added in this case please send back for a more personalised result.

Wigs always feel a little strange at first so have a go and see if she grows on you.
Chances are you will absolutely love your purchase.

To Return please note

  • The wig must still have the lace attached
  • No make up or any type of restyling of the wig
  • Must be nz post courier tracked postage only with the tracking details sent to me before shipment. (If the wig isn’t courier tracked the loss will be your responibility)
  • For shop bought items a 10% restocking fee will be deducted from your return payment.
  • For a personal design a 15% restocking fee will be deducted from your refund.e.g We have chatted about your design, head measurements have been taken aswell as research by me to find colours and styles ,videos and photos also sent. Basically a lot of time has gone into putting together a personal design.

No refund can be made when

  • A specialised cap with your exact head measurements has been made esspecially for your head size because your head doesn’t fall into a S/M/L standard cap.
  • The Wig or topper has been coloured by me or had any kind of cut or styling work done including baby hairs.

Please note

Allowing your hairdresser to cut, colour or do anything to your wig is your total responsibility. Wig and topper hair will not react the same as human bio hair and the results can be disasterous.

On a positive note

It’s very rare that my wigs are returned my clients are more than happy with their purchases but please do contact me with any concern, I’m here to make sure you’re over the moon with your wig or topper.

Bev x