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Wig Care

Caring for your Wig and Topper

My human hair wigs and toppers are the absolute best quality you can get so looking after them well will not only prolong their life span but keep them looking and feeling great.

I know that now you have your amazing hair you will also worry about looking after it so as you know I’m always here for expert advice so you can truly relax and be confident.

I dont expect you to be a qualified hairdresser after reading this but it will help you and guide you if your hair styling skill set isn’t at all good I recommend that you take your piece to your trusted hairdresser once every 4-5 weeks to take away all worry.

You can always book in for a wash and blowdry and pick it up all styled without the stress.

If you live local you can book in with me for a shampoo and style.

Let’s Go!

  • Only use a salon quality shampoo and conditioner ( I prefer a mask as they have more moisture)
  • Get a towel ready opened up next to your sink and have your products at hand
  • Half fill the bathroom sink with luke warm water
  • Gently dip in the wig or topper until completely submersed
  • remove and squeeze out excess water as if it were a cashmere sweater.
  • I then like to put my wig on the towel and add shampoo the whole length before gently massaging between my hands all over the wig top to ends gathering a slight lather.
  • Lightly rub inside the cap and around the lace at the front to remove make up.
  • Add new clean water to the sink and again submerge the wig into the clean water rinsing off the shampoo.
  • Remove the water and add clean water and rinse until the bubbles have dissapeared.
  • I then place my wig onto the towel and fold over the towel on top of the wig and gently press down to squeeze out the excess water before adding your mask or conditioner.
  • Add conditioner and again gently massage into the hair but this time not inside the cap or near the root.
  • Leave on for a few minutes before adding the wig to clean water to rinse away the conditioner.
  • Squeeze out along the hair the excess water ( not both hands wringing out just one hand without a twisting motion.
  • Again place into towel and fold over the towel once more and lightly press down to remove excess water.
  • I like to leave the wig inside the towel now for about a half hour before applying heat protection and combing through ready to style on your cork wig head with stand.
  • Remember to always comb the hair ends to root gently when you have pinned it to the cork head for styling.
  • Never dry from soaking wet you will only dry the wig out and it will take a long time with heat on the hair (remember only excess heat can age your piece)
  • First of all put the wig on the cork head inside out to dry the inside of the cap first.
  • Do not turn around until completely dry.
  • Make sure the ear tabs and the nape of the wig are dry but again do not touch the hairdryer on the cap directly.
  • Turn the wig cap around to the hair side and lets go.
  • Gently waft the hairdryer on a medium heat setting from about 8 inches away from the hair using you fingers.
  • When the hair is mostly dry get a quality hairbrush and gently blowdry from root to ends never touching the hairdryer on the brush.
  • Once dry you can wave with a ghd or keep straight.
  • The hair will do what you want its such good quality.

Well done in advance for giving it a go!!!

Practice makes perfect but like I said if you aren’t a natural hair styler drop her off at the salon or bring her to me to take care of.

What not to do

  • Sleep in the wig (the constant turning motion in bed will pull at the hair and cause hairloss to the wig)
  • Swim in chlorine water (Chlorine will eat away at your beautiful wig piece and dry her out in a second plus make her hard to comb leading to more hairloss.
  • Rigourously comb or brush her.
  • Use very hot water.
  • Ghd daily
  • Wash too often
  • Lay her down at night instead of using a head stand
  • Always use a heat protecter and a salon quality oil is great to apply daily on dry hair

Hope these tips help and remember to treat her with kindness and she’ll keep shining for you.

Bev x