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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of hair do you use and where is it from?

I use only 100% Remy Human Hair of only the highest quality you can get , fully cuticle intact, beautiful soft Hair , fine and non tangling.
My wigs are sleek non bulky and come in a natural density and in no way look wiggy.

Are your wigs coloured?

My natural colours Black ,dark brown and medium brown are comnpletely Virgin 100% Human Hair without any chemicals used. The others involving colours are the 100% Virgin with colours added .

What price ranges do your wigs come in?

My wigs are priced by length, cap type and if they need a customised head size cap they come in 14-26 inch for most colours . To answer the question they start at $2500.

How long do your wigs last?

This is a top question and one that depends on you and how you care for your wig ( see care instructions)* The hair is of superior quality so it will last a number of years with proper care and love.

The main ways to age your wig or topper is constant heat appliances and vigorous combing.

What wig bases /caps are available ?

I have various wig caps available depending on your preference and hairloss situation . This is definitely something that we will be discussing in the consultation to find out what the best suit for you is.

I have Lace tops/fronts, Silk tops, Medical comfort caps( t shirt material inside and soft ear tabs and base and caps with added velvet for added comfort.

Can I come for a consultation?

Absolutely I do face to face 1 hour consultations in my Wellington Wig studio and also Video consults if you arn”t in the area which work perfectly.

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